Tanita BC-582 Body Composition Monitor with FitPlus feature
Tanita BC-582 Body Composition Monitor with FitPlus feature
Tanita BC-582 Body Composition Monitor with FitPlus feature
Tanita BC-582 Body Composition Monitor with FitPlus feature

Tanita BC-582 Body Composition Monitor with FitPlus feature

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The BC-582 extensive body composition readings give you essential information on the progress and effectiveness of your health regime. FitPLUS is a totally unique feature, designed specifically for women. Tanita BC-582 Body Composition Monitor with FitPLUS feature acts as a calendar reminder to monitor the natural metabolic changes throughout the month, so that you can correlate this with how your body responds to diet and exercise. Your cycle start date can be input each month so the indicators change accordingly.

Easy and quick to use, with a distinctive traffic light system, FitPLUS gives healthy prompts at different phases of the menstrual cycle, including ovulation to help you to maximise calorie burn and minimise fatigue.

  • FitPLUS (feature exclusive to women) monitors monthly metabolic changes and correlates this with how the body responds to diet and exercise regimes.
  • Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA)
  • Advanced Dual Frequency (ADF)
  • Transparent Electrodes


Download Instruction Manual

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Weight capacity:150kg 
Total Weight in increments:0.1kg
Metabolic Age:Yes
Guest mode:Yes
User memories:5
Size of display:27mm
Product dimensions (mm):320mm x 300mm x 42mm
Product weight:2kg
Power supply: AA x 4
Replacement warranty:5 year

Body Fat %
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
Metabolic Age
Visceral Fat Rating
Physique Rating
Bone Mass
FitPlus Women Feature
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Why Choose Tanita?

Tanita operates throughout the globe, including Australia, America, Europe, India, Japan and China, leading to over 30 million units sold worldwide to this day.With such a vast reach, Tanita has established itself as one of the world leaders in health monitoring, as well as body composition monitors and scales - which is unsurprising considering Tanita created the world’s very first electronic body fat scale back in 1994.

How accurate are Tanita Body Composition Monitors?

Studies have shown the results obtained through Tanita BIA have been shown to be within +/-5% of Underwater Weighing and Pencil Beam DEXA scans.

What is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is considered one of the most reliable and accessible methods of screening body fat. Electrodes in the foot sensor pads (and hand sensor pads in a segmental monitor) send a low, safe electrical signal through the body and weight is calculated automatically along with up to 25 other readings in seconds.

BIA measures an individual’s impedance or resistance to the electrical signal as it travels through the water that is found in muscle and fat. With a Tanita Body Composition Monitor, you add personal information (age, gender, height etc) into the monitor when setting up your own user memory profile, which then inputs your characteristics & calculations into the correct algorithms for you to produce the measurements provided by your reading.

Why is important to monitor body composition rather than just body weight?

Your total body health is more important than just one number. Measuring weight alone is not a complete nor accurate assessment of health or fitness level. 

The total body weight measurement does not distinguish the difference between kilograms that come from fat, the kilograms that come from lean muscle mass, the weight of bone mass or the impact different body water levels have on your total body weight.

Monitoring body composition allows you to gain a deeper insight into your overall body health, giving you the knowledge that you can then use to make educated changes to your diet and fitness routines to achieve your health and fitness goals sooner.

When should you measure yourself on a Tanita?

To get the most reliable and accurate reading that best represents your actual total body health, use your Tanita Body Composition Monitor at a consistent time of day under consistent conditions, and at least three hours after rising, exercising, eating, drinking alcohol and taking medication.

For most, this time is usually mid-to-late afternoon, before dinner and before your afternoon/evening workout.

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