Level Up Your PT Business With Body Composition Analysis

Level Up Your PT Business With Body Composition Analysis

The Role of Body Composition Analysis in Personal Training

Whether you are positioning yourself as an independent personal trainer or working towards building a PT business, body composition analysis can be a valuable tool for effectively engaging and supporting your clients.

Body composition monitors have evolved significantly over the years and, concurrently, the general public have come to understand that being fit is about more than just losing weight and being skinny. Whereas once body composition was an approach limited to the world of sport and athletics, strength, flexibility, and overall body health have become more central and integral in the general public’s fitness journey and for good reason.


The Importance of Tracking Clients’ Body Composition

On a technical level, the process of conducting body composition analysis involves assessing the mass of a client's body to determine the ratio (or proportion) of fat to non-fat. Having a thorough and accurate understanding of one’s body composition is essential for monitoring ongoing health and fitness improvement.


Body Composition Monitors

There are many body composition monitors on the market, and they certainly range from the rudimentary to the sophisticated. When your personal training reputation depends on your ability to conduct accurate and helpful body composition analysis, it is worth investing in a renowned and reputable brand of monitor.

Tanita Body Composition Monitors

Tanita Australia’s range of body composition monitors are designed with one goal in mind: Ensure accurate and reliable body composition analysis using proven technology.

Easy to use and easy to transport, you need a monitor that can keep pace with you and your work but can also provide a helpful assessment of your clients’ health.

BIA Body Composition Monitor

A Tanita Body Composition Monitor works by sending an imperceptible current through your body. Working off a cutting-edge bioelectrical impedance analysis, the current detects the muscle, fat, water, and bone in your body and combines this information with other key factors–such as gender and age–to provide a complete analysis.

Bluetooth Body Composition App

For Tanita Smart Scales & Tanita Bluetooth Body Composition Monitors, you and your client will enjoy hassle-free, instant access to all of your results via the free App. The most professional personal trainers in the business are focused exclusively on providing customised and effective training for their clients, and the flexibility and convenience of the Tanita Body Composition Monitor and app is designed for just that.


How to level up your PT business

At the end of the day, a personal trainer is only ever as good as their ability to turn a body composition assessment into a health and fitness action plan. Your analysis will form the bedrock of your approach.

By using indications of metabolic rate, inconsistent muscle mass across the body and other key indicators, a trained and experienced PT can begin to construct a customised fitness plan and diet to help their client truly reach their health goals.

Unfortunately, there are many personal trainers out there who are focused merely on building muscle or losing weight. While both objectives have their place in an overall fitness plan, there is no question that body composition analysis helps to separate the PT amateurs from the professionals.

Offer your clients a unique PT service

Ongoing scientific research into health and wellness is only confirming our understanding that every single person’s body and health requirements are different. Traditional Body Mass Index (BMI) based approaches, for example, just do not offer an accurate enough picture. To tailor your client’s personal training for their needs, body, and goals you need to have access to more information about their muscle mass and body fat percentage.

Using body composition monitors enables you to construct a much more detailed picture and consequently create a much more tailored fitness plan. Progress and goals can then be tracked with increased effectiveness. It is a unique personal training service that will best position you to truly take your business to the next level.

Keep your clients motivated

For many clients training is hard. It is not just the physical exertion or time that needs to be dedicated. The mental challenge of continuing to maintain engagement and motivation can often present as insurmountable to some. As a personal trainer it is your responsibility, both for your client and your business, to keep your clients motivated.

Generic approaches to training and unfocused goals is a large contributing factor to clients’ disengagement. When their efforts in the gym can be linked with progress in their health and fitness, and when clients feel in control of their goals and confident in the steps, they are taking to realise those goals, they are far more likely to remain motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic.

Prove your worth to clients

If you are a professional personal trainer or business owner your reputation is everything. Your ability to retain clients and attract new ones is reflective of the value of your services to them. While this might sound like a lot of pressure, it is in fact how all business works.

Armed with the data and information from an accurate body composition analysis, you will be able to put your best foot forward from the outset and provide your clients with realistic and worthwhile fitness goals. Customised fitness plans based on customised body composition analyses is the smart way to ensure you can prove the worth of your services to your clients.


Partner with Tanita in a post-COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the general public’s mindset about the importance of fitness, health and getting out and being active. As gyms and fitness centres begin to open up for good in a world that’s increasingly putting the pandemic behind them, it’s important that personal trainers take this opportunity to really level up their offering.

To help you to do that, make sure to check out Tanita’s range of body composition monitors. We understand the importance of professionally accurate body metrics and are here to help you provide the ultimate health and fitness journey for your clients. 

Tanita Australia offer special discounts to fitness professionals. Please contact us at info@tanitaaustralia.com to enquire about health professional discounts & offers. 

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