Troubleshooting Tanita BC-1000

Q: How do I connect to my BC-1000?

Connecting the scale 

When using the scale for the first time after an extended period of time in order for the ANT stick to pick up the scales wireless connection you must connect to the scale. 

To connect the scale, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the ANT+ is securely plugged into the computer.
  2. Open Healthy Edge Software.
  3. Select File.
  4. Select Healthy Edge options.
  5. Select BC-1000.
  6. Select connect.
  7. When the green light comes up on the scale stand on the scale with bare feet to activate the connection.
  8. Please ensure you eject the ANT+ stick properly from your computer prior to unplugging it. Failure to do so can cause the ANT+ to malfunction. 

Note: If the software requires a serial number, you have selected the wrong BC-1000 while completing this step. Please ensure you have select the BC-1000 and not the BC-1000plus. 

Q: How to calculate stride length for my Tanita BC-1000? 

The stride length is taken as the distance between the toes on one foot and the toes on the other foot. To accurate find your average stride length, walk for 10 steps and then divide the total distance walked by 10. 

Example: if you walked 6.6m in 10 steps = 6.6/10 = 0.66m=66cm

Q: My Tanita BC-1000 has an error message. How can I fix it?

Error Messages - Examples of Errors: 

Error in GetUserName | File Not Found | Error in CreateNewDatabase | Unable to create a new Data File 

If you are experiencing any of the errors mentioned above, please follow the steps below: 

1. Uninstall any components related to the Healthy Edge Software.  

 a. Go to start (bottom left)  

 b. Select Control Panel  

 c. Select Programs  

 d. Find Healthy Edge Software and uninstall it. 

2. Download Microsoft SQL here:  

 a. Please download both x64 and x86 files.  

 b. Install the x86 first, and then try to install the x64. 

3. Restart your computer. 

4.Install the Healthy Edge Software. 

5. The software should now be working. Sometimes an error message may still appear (this is inevitable). You will know if the software is properly installed if the software stays open after clearing all the error messages. 

Ant+ Driver not installed correctly. 

Normally the ANT+ driver should install automatically at the same time as the Healthy Edge Software. If this isn’t the case, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on start (bottom left). 

2. Click Add Hardware (or Devices). 

3. Follow the prompts to allow your computer to search for the driver. 

Q: I have a Tanita BC-1000 with a USB to show the scale results. But my USB does not work anymore, and I am wondering if I can get a replacement?

To purchase a new ANT+ USB Stick Micro, please visit the F E Sports website or click here

If you’re still experiencing any issues, please contact one of our Tanita Australia team members at 1800 656 444 or email