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In Australia, we suggest users download & use the MyTanita app with their Tanita Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor.

MyTanita App

MyTanita - Healthcare App

The MyTanita app provided by TANITA Europe to help you monitor your health and fitness progress using the most accurate BIA technology from the Tanita Bluetooth connected monitors, such as the RD-545, RD-953 and the BC-401.

The Tanita Body Composition Monitors easily connect with your smartphone (download from the Apple App Store & Google Play store) and will save your measurements collected in your body composition scan to the app. This means that you have the data at your fingertips and see changes in your results on the graphs over time.

Left image: screenshot of MyTanita sign in screen, next image: weight graph on my Tanita app, next image: latest measurement reading screenshot on MyTanita app, right image: My Profile Screen screenshot on MyTanita App

Measurements collected may include:

  • Weight / Body Fat % / Muscle Mass / Bone Mass / Visceral Fat Rating / Basal Metabolic Rate / Metabolic Age / Total Body Water % / BMI / Muscle Quality / Physique Rating 

Please Note: Measurements collected by the MyTanita app will vary based on the measurements collected by the Monitor you use.

On the MyTanita app, you will be able to download your reading as pdf or csv file, which is perfect for when you need to send your results to your personal trainer, or print them out to help you keep track of your progress.

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