Why Choose Tanita?

Why Choose Tanita?

Why Choose Tanita?

The Health Monitoring Experts


With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which products and brands are worth the money.

As experts in the field of health monitoring, we’ve listed some reasons why Tanita stands out above the rest: so when it comes to choosing your next scale, the choice is simple.

Over 30 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Tanita operates throughout the globe, including Australia, America, Europe, India, Japan and China, leading to over 30 million units sold worldwide to this day.

With such a vast reach, Tanita has established itself as one of the world leaders in health monitoring, as well as body composition monitors and scales - which is unsurprising considering Tanita created the world’s very first electronic body fat scale back in 1994.

Ground-breaking Research

At Tanita, we’re focused on working with experts to provide tools and technologies to assist all healthcare and sports professionals. With investments in ongoing research projects aiming to better understand key health issues (like childhood obesity) and fitness issues (such as optimising sports performance), Tanita is dedicated to supporting ground-breaking research in the long-term.

Trusted By Industry Experts

Tanita’s range of scales use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to accurately measure body composition. This BIA technology has been extensively validated against other techniques used to measure body composition, with the findings having been published in international medical journals. Additionally, hundreds of independent research studies worldwide have relied on Tanita monitors for accurate results, further highlighting just how trusted the brand is by experts throughout the industry.

ISO 9001 Japanese Quality

Since being established back in 1944, Tanita has focused on continuous product innovation to grow into the industry leader it is today. In order to meet the highest manufacturing quality standards, Tanita operates all of our own manufacturing facilities, thereby ensuring all products meet strict international quality standards that are independently quality controlled.

Scientific Excellence

Tanita is recognised as the gold standard in BIA technology by the scientific community around the globe. The inclusion of parameters such as gender, age, height and weight within algorithms (as included in Tanita’s products) is the only way to accurately determine body composition, as proven by extensive independent research. The Tanita Medical Advisory Board was established to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of scientific advances.

Clinical Accuracy

The equations used in Tanita’s software are highly correlated to various gold standards in body composition - such as DEXA, Multiple Dilution Technique and CT scan. Renowned body composition expert Professor Steven Heymsfield and his research team at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital were responsible for devising Tanita’s original equations.

Dedicated Service & Support

At Tanita, we have a dedicated customer support team that are on hand to assist you or answer any questions you have. If you need help with our 5-year replacement warranty procedure, you can count on reaching a qualified Tanita team member to guide you through the process - we don’t rely on call centres or third parties. To get in touch, FREECALL 1800 656 444 or email your enquiry to info@tanitaaustralia.com.

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