Final Week

Final Week

Final Week 🏁

Make It Your Best Week Yet.

Congratulations - you’ve made it to the final week of Tanita’s 12 Week Challenge!

With one last week to go, this is the perfect opportunity to review everything you’ve learnt so far and reflect on any changes you’ve made over the course of the challenge.



Over the last 11 weeks we’ve discussed a wide range of topics concerning health and lifestyle, with tips, tricks and advice for you to take advantage of.

The purpose of these articles is to educate you on the areas most important to your overall health and wellbeing. Some of these might have been obvious (like the need to drink more water), whereas others were a bit more complex or outside the box (like workout balance or muscle quality

Was there anything you took away from these articles you didn’t know before? Have they inspired you to make any changes to your lifestyle or routine? Whatever these changes have been, it’s important to reflect on the difference they’ve made to your life.



Let’s talk about results.

In the first week of the challenge we talked about setting realistic goals for yourself.

After 11 weeks, what kind of progress have you made so far towards these goals? Maybe you’ve noticed a change in your physical appearance, or maybe you feel a bit better each morning as a result of some changes you’ve made.

Did you achieve the goals you set out for yourself, or did you fall short? Maybe you even exceeded your goals and had to set new ones - great!

No matter what your results are, the most important thing is to not give up. There’s only one week left in the 12 week challenge, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop focusing on hitting your goals.



We began the Tanita 12 Week Challenge in January to encourage people in their “new year, new me” phase, but with April coming up (not to mention Easter, and all the chocolate it brings) it’s fair to say that most of us are well and truly past that now.

Even so, that doesn’t mean that everything we’ve talked about so far becomes irrelevant or needs to end.

Hopefully the changes you’ve made over the past 11 weeks have helped you develop a ‘new normal’, and end up turning into long lasting habits - even ones as simple as drinking more water and preparing your meals ahead of time.

If you’ve been struggling to accurately assess the results of your changes, then now’s the perfect time to invest in a Tanita Body Composition Monitor - your future self will thank you.

If you’ve not looked into the range of benefits they can provide to your health & fitness journey, they’re well worth a look - they go above and beyond your typical set of scales or monitors.

Most importantly of all, remember that true change doesn’t happen all at once - it’s a collection of many small changes over time.


“The man who moves a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones.”




With 7 days left, it’s time to pull out all the stops and make this your best week yet.

Set one final goal for yourself for the last week of the challenge. Add an exercise, run harder, ditch the drinks, trash the junk food, get 8 hours of sleep - whatever your goal is (or goals are), make sure you smash it!

Welcome to the last week of the Tanita 12 Week Challenge - and the first week of a new you.

If you’re interested in reading more about health and fitness topics, tips and tricks, check out our recent lifestyle blogs at Tanita.

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